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Monday, August 29, 2005

Animal groups

I got a call from my dear friend MK this weekend, closing the loop on a very important question that surfaced during the Road Trip: what is a group of deer called? Well if you didn't know (and we didn't, but speculated much) it's a herd.

So for those of you that enjoy interesting tidbits:

alligator > congregation or pod (if it's little guys)
bat > colony
beaver > colony
butterfly > swarm
camel > flock
cat > clutter, clowder (what?) and the female is called the queen
cattle > herd or drift or drove or mob, but apparently you can't say "cow herd" (as the female is the cow)
crow > murder or muster
deer are a herd or a mob (who doesn't love the mob)
elephant > herd or parade
falcon > cast
ferrett > business
flog > army or knot
gerbil > horde (oh yea, here comes that horde of gerbil...oh my)
goat > herd or ribe or trip
geese > glock or gaggle (I love gaggle)
gorilla > band
guinea pig > group
hampster > also horde (as the horde of hampster go up against the horde of gerbil)
hippopotamus > herd or bloat (how insulting, bloat)
lion > pride
llama > herd
mole > labor (we have lots of moles around here, pushing up the yard all over the place)
otter > family or raft or romp (ha..romp..funny)
owl > parliament
prarie dog > coterie or town
racoon > nursery or gaze
rhinoceros > crash (well that is fitting isn't it)
seal > herd, pod, rookery or harem
tiger > ambush or streak (also fitting I think)
toad > knot
turkey > rafter
weasel > gang
woodpecker > decent
zebra > herd or crossing (haha...get it crossing, stripes...haha)


Anonymous skillit said...

Congratulations! You just officially pushed the last bit of useful information out of my brain and replaced it with the names of different groups of animals. But, hey, who needs to know their own address when they know things like a group of gerbils is called a horde?

Where did you find the time to research these little gems??? Between the house and work and all the new friends you are making at coffee shops around Michigan?? You are truly amazing, my MC friend. And when i say amazing, i mean just a little bit scary...


love & miss you!

6:07 PM

Blogger ZooooM said...

What is a group of people in California missing you called? Us.

This entry gave me flashbacks of SAT testing. And I think my overall score was like...8. So you can see why this was a bit terrifying for me at first.

Jerome = Varmit.

11:49 PM

Blogger MC said...

I know! A horde of gerbils is very important information to have.

It's fun being a little scary...I think...

4:40 PM


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